Thursday, April 21, 2005

Features in Model Home

Is this a case of Buyer Beware?

Did the Model shown to you have features that are not ordinarilly provided as "standard"?
Did you see the Model on a Rainy Day, or on a Sunny Day?
Was that a cold or a hot day?

...To name a few...
Gutters or downspouts?
Diverters above walkways?
Painted Garage?
We know they "pretty up" the Model so it will show better, but how many of us know to ask if the "pretty" we are shown is standard?

It's a good idea to take a camera when looking at new homes direct from builders, because what you are shown may not be what you get.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Process - Steps along the way

An account of your experience with the Centex way of building your new home.
From viewing the models, hearing the Centex story, choosing your styles, colors, etc., and the process - start to finish.
If you aren't moved into your home, but are still going through the Centex process, this is the perfect place to start a status report.
Always take a camera on that walk-through inspection!

Stress or Satisfaction

Has your experience satisfied you such that you will recommend Centex to others?
If you are an experienced buyer (not your first home) what can you recommend to any new buyer to reduce their stress and anxiety?

Selecting your home features

How was your experience with selections?
Appliances, painting, flooring, landscaping, and features?

Contract Language

Did the contract represent you fairly in all matters or did you later believe you should have a lawyer review your deal?
Particularly important about warranty issues.


Did your Agent openly and adequately keep you up to date on progress?

Good or Bad. Anything. You name it.

Something not listed above? Feel free to post all about it.

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